Маги Наумова, основател на SQL Master Academy ще говори на SQL Saturday #311

SQLSaturday е събитие за обучение за SQL Server професионалисти и тези, които искат да научат за него. Събитието ще се проведе на 11 Октомври 2014 в София, България, Симеоновско шосе 110 Б, Офис етажи 2 и 3, Sofia. Участието е събитието е безплатно, всички разходи са покрити от дарения и спонсорство. Поканете колеги и приятели на събитието и заявете участие сега, защото местата sa ограничени.

След успешните SQLSaturday # 152 и SQLSaturday # 199 , за трети път в България, SQL Saturday ще се проведе на 11 Октомври 2014

Обучението е безплатно, можете все още да се регистрирате на: https://www.sqlsaturday.com/311/register.aspx

Magi will have the following two sessions:


Let those statistics be with you!

There are a lot of questions about statistics that I receive in my trainings, projects and during my sessions: Why I have to rebuild statistics, if my auto-update stats option in ON. Why I still have bad plans or high CPU usage? Should I disable it or use full scan instead? We usually rely on auto-update stats database options and sometimes perform a regular stats updates additionally in order to be sure that the QP has an up to date info about our table data. But there are some specific cases when those thinks just don’t help and even recompiling don’t boost the performance of a query. Let me list and explain for you some statistics updates exceptions cases and you will understand how to proper manage your statistics in order to gain max from them.

A deep dive into SQL Server Plan Cache Management

As an experienced DBA you have probably asked yourself questions like how the memory is consumed, is my system well-tuned, and is my memory configuration well defined. In order to understanding such processes as local and global Memory pressure, caches concurrency, adding and removing plans from cache we will go through the internal organization of the plan cache, the metadata available, how SQL Server finds a plan in cache, plan cache sizing, and the plan eviction policy. We will point out the important cache consumers that affect your workload and how to get metadata about them, what are the thresholds in Cache Size Management. At the end you will understand how to monitor the memory consumers in your SQL Server, what are wait types that we need to look for, how to understand if your system is well-tuned and the memory configuration is well defined

Session Level: Advanced

Очакваме ви!

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