Reference architecture – traditional DWH with PowerBI as a visualization layer

Last year we started working with a customer to build a business intelligence system, that can increase their time to decision, by having reports and aggregations always ready. At the same time the customer wanted to enable ...

How to implement Role Level Security with Role Playing Dimensions in PowerBI

Role Playing dimensions are a common thing in BI scenarios and in the context of PowerBI, Reza Rad (blog|twitter) did an amazing job describing them. So if you want to learn how to implement them in your model, please visit Reza’s ...

Complete PowerBI Resource kit

Complete list of books and resources that we use on daily basis for our PowerBI projects.

TOP 6 announcements in the PowerBI world in March and April 2019 (so far)

As always, we are in the midst of very exciting times for BI professionals, especially the ones, dealing with Microsoft products. PowerBI is constantly being updated and new features are announced practically on weekly basis. In March and April 2019 those new features were quite a lot and in this blog post we will share our TOP 6, that can make a difference!