Data Mining Algorithms in SSAS, Excel, R and Azure ML

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Training levelBI Class
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn class
List price850 Euro VAT Excl.

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The focus of the training is the theoretical concepts of data mining. The importance for the attendees to fully understand them is the first training goal.  The software part is used just for showing the concepts and enriching the concept with examples. It helps a lot in understanding how to work with data, how to prepare useful derived variables, or to smooth values of a variable appropriately, or to discretize them correctly.

In details will be explained how to use statistics for data overview, how to prepare different derived variables, how to measure the information in variables. Once the attendees understand the data preparation concepts, the algorithms and their typical usage, they could use any software to do the job.

  • BI Developers and data engineers, who work with data or want to get knowledge on building advanced analytics solutions
  • Data Analysts and Data Scientists, Data Stewards
  • Understand how to work with data
  • Prepare useful derived variable, or to smooth values of a variable appropriately, or to discretize them correctly
  • Use different tools like SPSS
  • Use statistics for data overview
  • Prepare different derived variables
  • Measure information in variables
  • Understand the preparation concepts, the algorithms and their typical usage

Module 1. Introduction to data mining and/or machine learning

Module 2. Understanding the data and the importance of data preparation

Module 3. Classification, prediction and estimation algorithms

Module 4. Forecasting and unsupervised algorithms

Module 5. Data mining practical example

Module 6. Analyzing texts

Module 7. Data mining project example: fraud detection

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Trainer: Dejan Sarka


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