Here, in SQL Master Academy we offer 2 forms of study for some of the courses- online one and attendance form of study.

Online trainings will offer you the opportunity to organize and plan the training time on your own, as well as to repeat subjects and check the level of material mastering. You can do the practical exercises and work in laboratory environment without limits.

The online form of study includes listening to recordings of the modules (in Bulgarian language) and doing the exercises in a virtual environment which is especially prepared for you and to which you have an access given through VPN/RDP. The environment and the modules are available for a period of 4 weeks, so you can plan your schedule of training within this period. During those 3 weeks (and after that as well) very participant can be given consultations via e-mail and in our office after an appointment, arranged in advance.

Each module has control questions for check and the results achieved from the laboratory exercises are documented and discussed with the instructor during the consultations.

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