Accelerated SQL Server 2017 Integration Services

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Training levelDeep Dive
Duration4 days / 32 Hours
Delivery methodIn class
List price1050 Euro VAT Excl.

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This course is targeted at database professionals and developers with some experience in business intelligence solutions and SQL Server. The class requires no prior experience with SQL Server SSIS. This 4-day instructor led training focuses on developing and managing SSIS 2017 in the enterprise. Students will understand how to design, develop, deploy, and operate SSIS solutions—this involves ETL solutions (extraction, transformation, and loading) from source systems extractions, data integration, SSIS server administration and package execution. This course is intended for database professionals that are responsible for ETL or DBA activities related to data processing, data architecture planning, or SSIS administration.

  • IT professionals, DBAs and developers who want to learn the details of how to use SSIS to accomplish data integration, data warehouse loading, and how to administer SSIS through the development lifecycle to production
  • Create and develop new SSIS projects and packages
  • Determine when to use project mode versus package mode
  • Apply SSIS to file and data management
  • Understand and Apply ETL Concepts in SSIS including dimensions and fact table ETL and loading SSAS dimension and cubes

Module 1. SSIS Overview and Core Features

Module 2. SSIS Control Flow Objects and Features

Module 3. Applying Data Flow Transformations and Adapters

Module 4. Working with and Importing Files

Module 5. Data Source Extraction and Destination Optimization

Module 6. Data Quality and Cleansing

Module 7. Dimension ETL with SSIS

Module 8. Fact ETL with SSIS

Module 9. Processing Tabular and Multidimensional SSAS Objects in SSIS

Module 10. Project Deployment Model: Configuration, Deployment & Security

Module 11. Project Deployment Model: Execution and Reporting

Module 12. Package Deployment Model: Configuration and Deployment

Module 13. Package Deployment Model: Execution, Security & Logging

Module 14. Transactions and Restartability

Module 15. Optimization and Scalability

Module 16. Solution Approach and Team Development

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Trainer: Matija Lah



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