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Training levelFundamental Course
Duration5 days (40 hours)
Delivery methodIn class
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What is Microsoft business intelligence (BI), and how can you use it to benefit your organization? This class will help participants to understand the components of a business intelligence solution and get familiar with the Microsoft tools.   Get a good understanding of the components of a business intelligence solution in an enterprice and self service deployment, from simple to the more complex types of analyses, and get familiar with the Microsoft BI Data Platform on premise.  The class will teach you the basics of a Traditional BI Solution, its components and how they relate together in an Enterprise Deployment.  This training includes solid theoretical material and a lot of practical exercises.

  • Data Analysts with an interest to become more familiar with a BI Solutions
  • BI Developers in the beginning of their carrier path
  • DB Developers with an interest to get experience in BI Solutions
  • Data Platform Architect who need knowledge of Microsoft BI Data Platform
  • Understand the components of a BI solution
  • Create a simple dimensional model for a data warehouse on the privded case study
  • Use data warehousing components of the SQL Server Database Engine
  • Understand the concepts of extract-transform-load procedure with SQL Server Integration Services
  • Author reports with SQL Server Reporting Services
  • Define simple cubes with SQL Server Analysis Services Tabular
  • Find and load external data with Power Query
  • Use SQL Server Analysis Services for on premise data mining
  • Perform advanced analitcis, use PBI for reating dashboards and reports

Module 1.  Introduction to BI and MS BI Data Platform

Module 2.  Traditional SQL Server data warehousing

Module 3.  Designing the star and snowflake schemas

Module 4.  The concepts and examples of an Extract-transform-load (ETL) with SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Module 5.  SSAS Data Models

Module 6.  Introduction to PBI

Module 7.  Designing Dashboards and Reports in PBI

Module 8. Reporting with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)

Module 9. Advanced Analytics on the data warehouse data

Module 10: Introduction to Cloud Datawarehouse Concepts

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