BI Professional Courses

SQL Master Academy has a unique programme of professional trainings in the field of BI and Data Science.  Courses from this series are designed for professionals who want to gain knowledge or to improve their skills in the area of R, PowerBI, Data Mining and Datawarehouse in Azure.

TitleDelivery MethodDurationLevelList Price
PowerBI JUMPSTART – build an executive dashboard in eight hoursVirtual Instructor-led class2 days - half a day 100220 Euro VAT Excl.
Data Analysis with Power BI and SQL ServerVirtual Instructor-led class4 full days 2001120 Euro VAT Excl.
EmbRace RVirtual Instructor-led class2 days - half a day 200220 Euro VAT Excl.
Python for SQL Server SpecialistsVirtual Instructor-led class2 days - half a day200220 Euro VAT Excl.
Migrating SQL Server Datawarehouse to AzureIn Class5 full days300950 Euro VAT Excl.
Data Science with R and SQL ServerIn Class4 full days3001090 Euro VAT Excl.