Data Analysis with Power BI and SQL Server

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Duration4 full days
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led class
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Business intelligence (BI) and even advanced analytics (AA) are the key influencers from the IT area on all main business types. We turn data into information which helps us towards better results. This course introduces two key BI components from the infrastructure and services point of view – SQL Server and Power BI. However, unlike the majority of courses, presentations and texts, this course does not focus on the glorious pars of a BI project only. It teaches the attendees also about the dirty work that is commonly hidden, but enormously important.

The course introduces the theoretical background for data warehousing (DW) and the logical data models used. However, the course dwells deeply also in the dirty work. The delegates learn about the extract – transform – load (ETL) process and explains how to optimize in in SQL Server and on Power Query side. Then the course explains how to create an efficient Power BI data model. The attendees also learn how to create reports and publish them in Power BI Service. A long module is dedicated to AA in Power BI. The course wraps up with a holistic view on end-to-end performance from source queries through DW and ETL to Power BI data models and reports.

This course is intendent for database developers, analysts, and experienced Office users who want to step into the business intelligence world.

Attendees should be familiar with Excel and have at least basic T-SQL knowledge.

Module 0: Introduction

Module 1: Introduction to business intelligence (BI)

Module 2: Data modeling for analytical applications

Module 3: Data warehousing with MS SQL Server

Module 4: Columnar storage advantages analysis

Module 5: Introducing Power BI

Module 6: Extract – transform – load (ETL) process with T-SQL and Power Query

Module 7: Using Excel for BI

Module 8: Data model in Power BI

Module 9: Creating reports with Power BI Desktop

Module 10: Publishing reports with Power BI Service

Module 11: Administering a Power BI solution

Module 12: Data science in Power BI

Module 13: Power BI model and reports optimization

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Trainer: Dejan Sarka



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