DP-600: Implementing Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Fabric

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Duration4 full days
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led class
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This course covers methods and practices for implementing and managing enterprise-scale data analytics solutions using Microsoft Fabric. Students will build on existing analytics experience and will learn how to use Microsoft Fabric components, including lakehouses, data warehouses, notebooks, dataflows, data pipelines, and semantic models, to create and deploy analytics assets. The course can be taken as a step in learning about roles in cloud data services and Microsoft Fabric such as Data Engineer or Data Scientist, before taking further Microsoft Fabric courses.

The primary audience for this course is data professionals with experience in data modeling, extraction, and analytics. DP-600 is designed for data professionals who want to use Microsoft Fabric to create and deploy enterprise-scale data analytics solutions. While there are no required prerequisites for taking this course, it is recommended that students have:

  • A foundational knowledge of core data concepts and how they’re implemented using Microsoft data services. For more information see Azure Data Fundamentals.
  • Experience designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value using Microsoft Power BI. For more information see Power BI Data Analyst.
  • Plan, implement, and manage a solution for data analytics
  • Prepare and serve data.
  • Implement and manage semantic models.
  • Explore and analyze data.

Module 1: Introduction to data analytics on Azure

Module 2: Model, query, and explore data in Azure Synapse

Module 3: Prepare data for tabular models in Power BI

Module 4: Design and build tabular models

Module 5: Implement advanced data visualization techniques using Power BI

Module 6: Implement and manage an analytics environment

Module 7: Manage the analytics development lifecycle

Module 8: Govern data across an enterprise

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Trainer: Magi Naumova



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