Microsoft® Official Curriculum Courses

TitleDelivery MethodDurationLevelList Price
DP-900T00-A: Microsoft Azure Data FundamentalsIn Class1 days / 8 Hours100150 Euro VAT Excl.
DP-300T00-A: Administering Relational Databases on Microsoft AzureVirtual Instructor-led class4 days / 32 Hours300890 Euro VAT Excl.
DP-201T01-A Designing an Azure Data SolutionIn Class2 days / 16 Hours200450 Euro VAT Excl.
DP-200T01-A Implementing an Azure Data SolutionIn Class3 days / 24 Hours100550 Euro VAT Excl.
20765 Provisioning SQL DatabasesIn Class5 days / 40 Hours200850 Euro VAT Excl.
20764 Administering a SQL Database InfrastructureIn Class5 days / 40 Hours300840 Euro VAT Excl.
20762 Developing SQL DatabasesIn Class5 days / 40 Hours300950 Euro VAT Excl.
20761 Querying Data with Transact SQLIn Class5 days / 40 Hours200820 Euro VAT Excl.
20774 Perform Cloud Data Science with Azure Machine LearningIn Class5 days / 40 Hours300950 Euro VAT Excl.
20779 Analysing Data with ExcelIn Class3 days / 24 Hours300550 Euro VAT Excl.
10994 Data Analysis Fundamentals using ExcelIn Class2 days / 16 Hours200400 Euro VAT Excl.
10985 Introduction to SQL DatabasesIn Class3 days / 24 Hours200620 Euro VAT Excl.
20768 Developing SQL Data ModelsIn Class3 days / 24 Hours200630 Euro VAT Excl.
20767 Implementing a SQL Data WarehouseIn Class5 days / 40 Hours300900 Euro VAT Excl.
10990 Analysing Data with SQL Server Reporting ServicesIn Class5 days / 40 Hours300850 Euro VAT Excl.
DA-100T00-A: Analyzing Data with Power BIIn Class5 days / 40 Hours200850 Euro VAT Excl.