MS Windows & AD Administration for SQL Server Professionals

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Training levelSQL Server Fundamental Courses
Duration3 days (24 hours)
Delivery methodIn class
List price350 Euro VAT excl.

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This course provides students an introduction to Active Directory server roles in Windows Server. The course is intended for entry level students who want to get familiar with the Active Directory server roles and their functionality – knowledge necessary for every SQL Server Professional.

  • New specialists in role of DB Administrators/DB Developers
  • Specialists coming from other technology platforms
  • DB Specialists working with SQL Server version 2000 or earlier
  • Install and configure Windows Server
  • Configure basic network functionality of Windows Server
  • Prepare for installation and Install Active Directory
  • Create and manage user and group accounts in Active Directory
  • Manage user and group NTFS and Shared Folderpermissions
  • Configure basic security policies

Module 1. Windows Server Administration Fundamentals

Module 2. Active Directory Overview

Module 3. Security Principals and administering network resources

Module 4. Windows Server Networking Fundamentals

Module 5. Windows Server Storage Management

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Trainer: Krasi Donchev



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