Complete PowerBI Resource kit

Since the release of PowerBI as we know it there were a lot of books released, a lot of blogs written and a lot of materials shared. The PowerBI community is one of the most active ones and content is produced practically every hour. Throughout the years of my journey in PowerBI I read tons of articles, watched hours of videos and practiced for weeks. And I always needed to reference some resource, some blog post, some sample pbix file. And I kept track on the most useful things that helped me. And I think this collection is worth sharing. It contains books, blogs to follow, sample reports to get inspired, report design best practices and tools to use with PowerBI.
A small note – this are not really a beginners guide to learning PowerBI, nor a learning path to the product. If you need those, you can refer to PowerBI Guided Learning series (basics) or attend our course to quickly ramp you up – Business analysis and Data exploration using PowerBI and Power Query




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