Creating Data Quality and Master Data Management Solutions with SQL Server MDS and DQS

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Training levelDeep Dive
Duration3 days / 24 Hours
Delivery methodIn class
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In this course, attendees will understand the MDM concepts and how to approach the Master Data and the Data Governance process. They will become familiar with Microsoft tools for Data Quality and Master Data Management – DQS and MDS. Attendees will go trought different scenarios and examples of modeling a master data management solution and developing a data quality process.

  • BI developers who have a challenge to design master data solution and improve a data quality of their data
  • Data Engineers who want to understand tools and processes of managing master data
  • Describe what master data is
  • Define MDM activities
  • Understand data quality problems
  • Create a DQS knowledge base and DQS projects
  • Manage master data with MDS
  • Perform Data Profling with SQL Server tools
  • Control data quality over time
  • De-duplicate master data

Module 1. Introduction to Data Quality and Master Data Management

Module 2. MDS and DQS Overview and tools

Module 3. Creating Models and entities

Module 4. Defining Business Rules

Module 5. Model versioning and subscriptions

Module 6. Data Profiling with SQL Server Tools

Module 7. Data Cleansing with DQS and De-Duplicating

Module 8. Integrating MDS and DQS into a data governance process

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