Mastering SQL Server for Database Administrators

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Duration5 full days
Delivery methodOnline virtual classroom
Instructor-led Training
List price1090 Euro VAT excl.

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This class is designed for professionals in the field of SQL Server administration and includes solid theoretical material, numerous demonstrations and practical exercises. The training will give participants who manage multiple instances and are responsible for their maintenance a master level of experience and knowledge and will bring their skills to administer SQL Server to a next level.

  • Professionals in DBA role who have some experience in SQL Server managing multiple instances and are responsible for their maintenance
  • DB Administrators who work with other platforms
  • Maintain multiple SQL Server instances and complex SQL Server solutions
  • Use advanced tools to implement auditing, resource control and encryption
  • Improve their troubleshooting and diagnostic skills to isolate SQL Server issues
  • Configure SQL Server at all levels in order to achieve the maximum performance
  • Understand the data and index structure internals
  • Isolate and find problems that could reduce availability and do proactive steps to avoid them
  • Use advanced tools for monitoring and troubleshooting – xEvents, Event Notifications, DMVs
  • Work and tune the Policy Based Management, Resource Governor, Auditing
  • Find and isolate security subsystem problems, understand why they occur

Module 1. SQL Server Architecture, SQLOS, Resource Management and Configurations

Module 2. SQL Server Data and Index Structures Internals, Partitioning and Data Compression

Module 3. SQL Server Logging and Transaction Log Internals, TempDB

Module 4. Advanced Database Maintenance

Module 5. Advanced Backup and Recovery techniques

Module 6. Monitoring and Troubleshooting SQL Server

Module 7. Solutions for Managing SQL Server Workloads – SQL Server Auditing, PBM, RGov

Module 8. Security Subsystem and Security Management

Module 9. Multi-Server Administration, PowerShell

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Trainer: Magi Naumova



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