Migrating SQL Server Datawarehouse to Azure

Course Summary

Duration5 full days
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led Training
List price950 Euro VAT excl.

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This migration training is focusing on describing the Azure services that participate in the modern Datawarehouse deployment first (such as Azure Data Flow, Azure SQL DB, Azure DWH, Azure Analysis Services). It also covers extension of the traditional DWH with big-data scenarios and potential services and how they integrate with the traditional flow.

During the hands-on part of the workshop we take an on-premise deployment of SQL Server Integration Services, SQL Server Database and SQL Server Analysis Services, that is pre-prepared by SQL Master Academy, and migrate it to Azure, discussing the different options and deciding what is the best approach out of all available ones.

  • Day 1: Educate session
  • Day 2–4: Hands-on days
  • Day 5: Design and planning session

SQL DW illustration.PNG

The Design and planning stage is an extension of the service, where the knowledge from the first stages are applied on fictious customer’s Datawarehouse. During the 5th day, an architecture example will be reviewed, and a complete migration scenario will be high-level designed and scoped. The Design day includes series of scoping and planning sessions. This day will give attendees extremely useful knowledge of how to approach a migration to the cloud which they can apply in their existing Datawarehouse environments.

Datawarehouse specialists, data experts, BI developers and all others who deal with data and are responsible for creating, managing and maintaining your company’s Datawarehouse solution.

In the end of this service, participants will be able to:

  • Describe and distinguish different scenarios for implementing Modern Datawarehouse by using services, such as: Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Lake, Azure Data Flow, Azure SQL DB, Azure SQL DWH, Azure Analysis Services, Stream analytics and Azure Data Bricks/Azure ML
  • Be able to create Azure Data Flow solutions for automation of ETL, including migration AS-IS existing SSIS packages
  • Describe and implement different migration strategies for on-premises SQL DWH databases to Azure (both to SQL DB and SQL DWH)
  • Implement migration of existing models to Azure Analysis Services

Day 1: Educate session:

Module 1: Overview of Azure data platform related services – service description, pricing, purpose of the service, typical tasks to solve and typical architectures it participates in

Module 2: Architectural overview of an Azure data platform solution

  1. Building blocks
  2. SLAs – per service and calculating the total solution SLA
  3. BCP/DR – per service
  4. Scalability | Typical solution and design patterns

Day 2 – 4: Hands-on days

Data Ingestion

  • ADF | Blob storage | Azure Data Lake | Data gateway | (ITP) Live Data | (ITP) Azure Functions/Logic Apps/Azure Automation

Data Prepare/Train and Store

  • Azure data bricks | Azure ML | Cortana Intelligence Suite | Azure SQL DB | Azure DWH

Model and Serve

  • Azure AS (only Tabular) | PowerBI/PBI Premium/Embedded

Summary and final overview

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Trainer: Margarita Naumova



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