Querying SQL Server Fundamentals

Course Summary

Training levelSQL Server Fundamental Courses
Duration4 days - 14 hours |09:00-12:30 every day|
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led Training
List price300 Euro VAT excl.

The program is specifically designed to give students a solid foundation in learning the Transact-SQL query language. The training is very useful for all those who deal with writing queries and reports in their daily professional activities and work primarily with data in a database.

The course “Querying SQL Server Fundamentals” is practically oriented and contains numerous exercises in order to better absorb the material.

  • Database Administrators who are new in role
  • Business Analysts
  • Data professionals
  • All professionals who work with data and need to learn how to get data from a database
  • Create simple to complex queries to retrieve data from an SQL Server database using Transact-SQL language
  • Use data from several tables to group and aggregate data
  • Distinguish the types of data and use the system functions for data processing of SQL Server
  • Use specific language structures (CASE) in order to write more complex queries
  • Export query results from SQL Server

Module 1: SQL Server Overview

Module 2: The SELECT module 

Module 3: Grouping and Summarizing data

Module 4: Joins and Subqueries

Module 5: Advanced data-analysis calculations 

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Trainer: Krasi Donchev




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