Relational Database Design for Performance and Scalability

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Duration2 full days
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led class
List price550 Euro VAT Excl.

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This workshop is reach of discussions of common database design problems which results in  scalability and performance issues. The workshop is intended for those who design and develop SQL Server database solutions. Some worst practices are shown as well as advices and examples of how to avoid them. The workshop style of the training guarantees the sharing of ideas and knowledge, it includes intensive problem solving discussions and scenarios. The attendees will learn the top major criteria of a successful database design and where is the key to follow them, also the Top Common Database Design Mistakes and how to avoid them. The workshop focuses on some important design practices and patterns for achieving Scalable and Well Performing Database Solution.

  • SQL Server DB Designers and developers
  • Solution Architects, consultants and IT professionals who want to gain knowledge necessary to make architectural decisions in SQL Server Platform.
  • Developers who are responsible for changing database design or responding to database change requirements
  • Identify main issues of database design and schemas
  • Optimize relational schemas in order to gain more performance scale to the workload
  • Identify main issues of physical database design and bad coding practices
  • Avoiding the pitfalls in database design which create problems in database performance and scalability.

Module 1. Logical Database Schema Optimizations

Module 2. Physical Database Design Principles

Module 3. Physical database optimization techniques

Module 4. Clustering Index Debate

Module 5. Partitioning Principles

Module 6. Business Logic inside the database – common debate

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Trainer: Magi Naumova



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