Relational Database Design Fundamentals

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Duration2 full days
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led class
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The relational database design class covers the foundation of relational model and it’s important concepts of normalization, keys, data integrity and data consistency.  The class is a first step which a database specialist needs to start with to gain a good understanding of what the relational database is and how to approach its usage and even make first steps in its design.

  • Designers and developers who start their career in the database field
  • Developers who are responsible for changing database design or responding to database change requirements
  • Understand the concepts of relational database theory
  • Understand attribute relationships and relations
  • Understand normal forms and perform normalization of a model
  • Avoid some well-known bad practices in designing a database
  • Analyse subject area requirements and build a simple conceptual and logical design
  • Make well-grounded decisions related to DB design
  • Create a logical model of a simple database

Module 1. Relational DB Fundamentals

Module 2. Attributes and Relationships

Module 3. Database Constraints and logical Integrity

Module 4. Normalization

Module 5. ER Modeling Principles

Module 6. ER Modeling Case Study

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Trainer: Magi Naumova



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