SQL Server Administration Fundamentals

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Training levelSQL Server Fundamental Courses
Duration5 days (40 hours)
Delivery methodVirtual Instructor-led Training
List price815 Euro VAT excl.

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This class will give you an excellent base for successful career as a database administrator. The training is very useful both for beginners and more experienced students to protect and maintain the databases of their organizations more effectively, to react quicker and adequate to all issues, which are database related, and to avoid following some harmful myths and wrong concepts in the field of database administration.  The class is practically oriented and contains numerous exercises in order to better absorb the material.

  • New specialists in role of DB Administrators/DB Developers
  • Professionals working with other technology platforms, DB Specialists coming from versions earlier than SQL Server 2008
  • DB Administrators who are willing to fill the gaps in their knowledge and build a good understanding of SQL Server product
  • Plan and implement pre-deployment steps for SQL Server deployment
  • Install and configure SQL Server instances and databases
  • Understand main SQL Server processes as logging, recovery, checkpoint, page allocations, etc.
  • Test and optimize the I/O subsystem for SQL Server workload
  • Understand the structure of of the database and the transaction log file in order to configure and optimize for specific workload
  • Understand the role of system databases and especially the TempDB, how it is used and how to isolate its issues and configure properly
  • Understand and configure the SQL Server security subsystem, configure levels of access to object properly and according to the requirements
  • Understand encryption subsystems and its components like keys and certificates, as well as configure TDE for a database and restore an encrypted database
  • Understand indexes, their structure, types and use cases as well as how to check their health status and maintain them

Module 1. SQL Server Overview and Components, Management Tools

Module 2. Database Fundamentals

Module 3. Logging and the Transaction Log

Module 4. SQL Server Installation and Configurations

Module 5. Foundation of SQL Server Security Subsystem

Module 6. SQL Server Backup and Restore

Module 7. Index Fundamentals and DBCC CHECKDB

Module 8. Maintenance and Automation of administrative tasks

Module 9. Monitoring and troubleshooting basics and case scenarios

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Trainer: Magi Naumova

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