Webinar: Relationships in PowerBI – they can be complicated

We hosted a webinar on PowerBI relationships and as usual, it was a great pleasure and fun to present a topic for our community! The slidedeck from the session you can find below and the recording is available here.

At the end of the webinar there was a question, related to strategies for handling many-to-many relationships and if the only way to handle them is through bridge tables or using additional functions. The answer to that in the modelling world is – well it depends 🙂 There are other methods, primarily related to handling the many-to-many scenario on the DWH/model end, for instance – changing granularity on one of the tables or entirely separating the two “knowledge areas” in separate models. In any case, there is a treasure read by the guys at sqlbi.com – The Many-to-Many Revolution.

Webinar slidedeck – PowerBI relationships