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Inspirational Days е инициатива, която предлага безплатни уебинари от лектори, експерти в различни области, които със страст споделят знанията си. Ще бъдат предствени множество теми, сред които: Robotic Process Automation, Data Lakehouse, Network services, Adaptive Product Development, Cybersecurity, Application Security, Password Policy Myths

Ще се проведе от 11-ти до 14-ти април.

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Маги Наумова ще представи: The first steps to your Data Lakehouse with Azure Synapse Analytics


​Synapse Analytics combines the use of a relational data warehouse and a big data ADL in one single workspace. Data lakehouse on the other hand is the ability to query data directly and in the same way no matter if the data are in a data lake or relational data warehouse.
Is it just the workspace that makes the concept of Data lakehouse real in Synapse Analytics? Let’s discover what we can do with Synapse serverless, how to architect data analytics in the future, and do these new trends come to say that the traditional DW is dead.

Key Take-Aways:

Discover the complex concept of Lakehouse easy by using T-SQL in Synapse. Understand what the Lakehouse is, potential use cases, and how to get there.
We will talk about querying and creating objects in Synapse Serverless, usage of Lakehouse templates. You will learn some tips and trick on the way, and I promise I will not speak Phyton (too) loudly!